Floating umbrellas on the streets of Antalya / Turkey (by Brendan Manning).
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Floating umbrellas on the streets of Antalya / Turkey (by Brendan Manning).

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Classic paintings of world cities meet Google Street View – in pictures

Following on from his amazing series last week, here are Halley Docherty’s latest collages for us – well known historical paintings of city scenes around the world. See more

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Art Blog

Along with my wonderful, artistic friend, Evaleen, I’ve also created an art blog to share some of the art I do when I get the chance. Please give it a look if you would like to and get some time.


Made Out Of Paper
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The closet can hold more than just gays, though. Ask a person of colour whose skin was just pale enough if they ever lied by omission. Or any number of minorities throughout the ages whose appearance didn’t give them away. Anyone who’s ever forced a laugh at a punchline their coworkers unwittingly made at their expense. It’s an everyday kind of freedom, the right to be honest about who we are, but it’s a privilege not everyone has access to.
John Michael McGrath - from the Hazlitt Article The Exhaustion of the Closet and the Arc Towards Justice
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I love sunny Stratford!
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I love sunny Stratford!

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Sweaters for penguins affected by the oil spill.


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How to Pass Time on the Train by October Jones

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Malaysian artist and architect Hong Yi makes incredible birds out of flowers.

Pair with Tamara Staples’s equally though very differently delightful portraits of championship chickens

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Most people do not listen
with the intent
to understand;

they listen
with the intent
to reply.

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